How To Go About Finding Balance In Your Life As An Artist

In the past, many of us have experienced frustration and anxiety, and we may even feel hopeless when faced with the realities surrounding us. This uncertainty in our lives has brought up a variety of stressors that we don't know how to handle. I believe we all face numerous challenges throughout our lives, but when they begin spilling over into different aspects of our lives is where things get tricky.

You're juggling it all. Your dance card is full. You're trying to find balance. But you're not sure if you're doing it right — if there even is such a thing as balance? How do entertainment professionals sustain the art, so they don't burn out too soon and continue to live their spirit? This article will examine whole-person sustainability: the art of balancing your mind, body, soul, and life.

When embarking on the life-changing journey of personal development, it's helpful to take an honest inventory of what's going on in our inner world. This process starts by asking questions that help us along the path:

  • Where am I now? - Think about the multiple aspects of your life: physical, emotional, and intellectual well-being; social life; environment; relationships; spirituality; enjoyment, and career.

  • Have I fully accepted the conditions I'm in? - This question allows you to accept where you are, acknowledge mental obstacles, and highlight opportunities that may be right in front of you but which you may be overlooking.

  • Are my thoughts nurturing? - Take stock of your thoughts, identifying those that support you versus those that hurt you—the ones that block you and hold you back versus the ones that inspire change.

Now that we've brought awareness to our inner selves and discovered some areas asking for a bit of nourishment, it's time to make a plan.

Step 1: Start slow. This is a growing practice; you're not going to perfect yourself overnight, so choose one area that's calling out to you. Recognize what its current state is, then feel into it; this is your chance to let those emotions flow and ask yourself: "Where do I want to go?"

Step 2: Once you've determined where you want to go, pick a direction based on the morsel you discovered in Step 1. Start thinking about incorporating more conscious thoughts and habits as you seek inner sustainable change.

Step 3: Take action! Now that you've developed awareness and created a direction, it's time to gain some momentum behind your change. Without taking action, the change you seek remains in the realm of thought or even forgotten.

Above all, your journey to sustainability should come from a place of inner inspiration and passion. It will never work if it comes from a place of guilt or pressure, and it won't last if you don't enjoy the process. So take these simple steps in the beginning as your tentative first steps towards sustainable growth and change to eventually create a more authentic lifestyle that is truly sustainable with ease.

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