Cast and Crew Support for the
Backstage parts of life.

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Behind-the-Scenes Coaching is here to help you balance the unique stresses of the entertainment industry and life. From work anxiety to securing new jobs, discovering more meaning, and exploring your true Self, Behind the Scenes Coaching helps you THRIVE in a system designed to wear you out.



I’m here to help you see life in a way that empowers you, helps you find clarity, and creates the life you want. I know how to help you because I’ve done it myself.

Behind the Scenes Coaching is an opportunity to have me as your guide supporting you from where you are to where you want to be. I know what it's like to have a demanding job in the entertainment industry, moving around all the time and never really feeling grounded.

You deserve a chance to take charge of your life…to get clear and grounded. I’ll show you how to create the career, relationships, and lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about.

One-on-one coaching is a great way to create the stability you’ve been looking for in your life.

Giving You:

✓  Sense of Calm, Clarity & Focus

✓  Greater Vitality

✓  Better Health

✓  A Fulfilling Life of Purpose

✓  Greater Happiness

✓  Better Relationships

✓  Increased Confidence

✓  Deeper Connection to your True Self

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1.   I want you to be sure you're ready for this, so I'm offering this opportunity to request a little more information (free of charge). Schedule a Free Call

2.  Listening Session - a great way to discuss what's happening in your life, and what you'd like to have happen.

3.  Your Path - We will work together to create a plan that works for you and keep you on track by checking in with your intentions, plans, and actions.

If you are in need of someone to walk with you and help hold you accountable, this is for you.



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I embarked on a journey with Seth about a year ago. My path has changed so much! I don’t drink, smoke, or take antidepressants anymore. My heart and mind have expanded. My career focus has changed with my new outlook on life. Thanks to my walk with Seth my body mind and soul has greater peace and wisdom.

Virginia Smith
Film, TV & Theatre Costume Supervisor

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My work with Seth Barker came at a time when I most needed someone to help guide my journey.  I was laid off from my job as a conductor on a national tour of a musical, and I was considering a career shift.  Seth knew how to ask the right questions to help me to use my strengths to start down a path of self-discovery.  He is a loving, nurturing soul who has a desire and the skills to help people to be their best selves.

Cathy Venable

Associate Musical Conductor

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What I love most about working with Seth is his energy. He is vibrant, radiant, open, true, listened to what I projected verbally (even if it didn’t make sense), and was able to provide the thinking tools I needed to help me guide my own path. Seth opened my eyes to every aspect of life, especially the parts of life that were lying dormant and forgotten.
I am the most thankful for that!

Dr. Angelica McCarthy

Doctor of Athletic Training



Schedule your Free 30-Minute Consultation Now!

Like you, I was seeking a way to balance my life to live my fullest.  The business can be demanding, frustrating, and lonely.  I'm here to guide you to your fullest potential by helping you balance the multiple aspects of your life, reconnect you with your true Self and bring your gifts to the world. 
It's time to Get Healthy, Be Happy and Enjoy Life!
It takes each of us creating our own transformation to bring transformation to the world, and we do that by creating balance, health, and vitality to our Whole Person.

I look forward to connecting with you!

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Health & Life Coach + Meditation Teacher

I was a Production Stage Manager for touring shows for 13 years, hitting all 50 States in the US, touring through Japan, China and Russia.  I was very excited at the beginning of my career to be doing what I love - it felt like I was on Vacation.  By the end of my career I was burning out, the job was no longer fulfilling and I wasn't happy - I knew there was more to be had of life.

I decided to seek what it was that I felt was missing.  I pivoted my career, became a Certified Whole Person Coach, Ayurvedic Lifestyle Educator, Meditation Teacher, and studied Plant-Based Nutrition.  I've taken study into Vedanta Philosophy and have rewritten my life.

Today, I'm here to offer the Entertainment Industry a way to discover balance and create a sustainable lifestyle so they can still do the jobs they love doing and create a great impact on the world.  My formal studies have given me the skills necessary to support you along your journey to Better Health, Happiness, and Life Fulfillment.  Whether you're seeking to shift your lifestyle choices, balance the multiple aspects of life or develop practices that can support your personal and professional longevity, I'm here to support you.


You are a talented and passionate entertainment professional Yet, you also want balance, happiness, and success in every professional and personal area of your life. How do you achieve it all? It's not by accident: it's a lifestyle...a rhythm that must be developed through the application of specific tools, techniques, and knowledge. 

I'm here to support you!